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Mathias Claus
  • Jazz pianist based in Germany
  • Jazzpiano degree in Hamburg / Germany
  • Jazz Solo Piano recitals
  • Vocal projects
  • Worldwide CD collaborations
  • Live concerts with international guest artists
  • Teaching faculty Brunswieck / Germany

US Review:

Mathias Claus is a composer, pianist and producer residing in Germany. He grew up as a live jazz pianist. After early national music awards he started with studies at the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston / USA. Finally he graduated with excellence as a jazz pianist from Musikhochschule Hamburg, Germany. His studies included training on classical piano techniques and theory that contributed to his piano technique, sound and style.

Mathias Claus has developed his own computer based online studio and focused on collaboration recordings with musicians of the cyber jazzscene worldwide, soon becoming one of it's acknowledged leaders that gained attention overseas. With several CDs released, Mathias contributes as global guest player on numerous artists' CDs worldwide and organised common europe concerts with artists from USA. His recent aims are focusing on the art of jazzpiano solo.

Press Reviews

A fine pianist and one of Germany's topnotch jazz pianists.

jazzreview.com, USA

Full of lyricism, thoughtful moments and impressive technique.

Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Press, USA

...devoted, virtuosic, daring and expressive.

Howard Mandel, New York, president of the Jazz Journalists Association, senior contributor to Down Beat magazine
CD Best of 1st International Jazz Solo Piano Festival 2009

CD Best of 1st International Jazz Solo Piano Festival 2009.

Liner Notes by Howard Mandel, president of the Jazz Journalists Association and senior contributor DOWNBEAT Magazine:

Personal, spontaneous interpretation of classic repertoire was the focus of the 1st International Jazz Solo Piano Festival. Institutes a high standard for international solo jazz piano.

Howard Mandel

The recording is available worldwide:
cdbaby.com - iTunes - cduniverse.com - amazon.de - amazon.com - Amazon Japan

Germany tour with Peggy Morris Band

Since 2000 Mat Claus is an acknowledged member of the international cyber jazz scene. He started collaboration recordings with musicians worldwide, also playing concerts in Germany with some of his international partners. In 2003 he got an award from the German fonds Soziokultur e.V. for an innovative use of new media technology in music.
Read Mathias Claus interview on allaboutjazz.com.

Morris Code CD Code a la Mode, was released in July of 2002 and one of the stand out tracks involved their first internet collaboration with a superb keyboardist, Mathias Claus from Germany. Mathias also appears on this new release and he also arranged for Morris Code's first European tour this past summer in Germany where he performed live with the group!

allaboutjazz.com, USA

Mathias Claus' own distant collaborations have pushed the virtuality of internet musicianship to its limits.

Magazine Computermusic, London, UK

I've been familiar with Mat's work for quite some time now and sincerely appreciate the dimensions he brings to jazz. It validates to me the fact that today's technologies can enhance jazz music on an artistic level as well as the numerous synthetic applications. I appreciate this effort because these guys show that they can play their axes, and know also the tech-stuff! Great work!

allaboutjazz.com, USA

Video documentation of collaboration recordings 2000 - 2003
→ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRgf6xVxuAc

Germany tour with Peggy Morris Band
Mathias Claus
Marktstr. 2
D-38108 Braunschweig
Phone Home: +49 5309 9494019
Mobile: +49 151 54 20 70 50
E-Mail: web (at) mathiasclaus.com
Website: www.mathiasclaus.com